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Katamino Basic
1, 2, 3 or 4 Players. Age from 5+


  • Box: 310mm x 200mm x 40mm
  • 12 coloured plastic pentominoes
  • Puzzle combinations - the 'Grand Chelem', 'Super Chelem' and 'Challenge' lists.
  • Adjustable plastic puzzleboard with divider
  • Chessboard for games and more puzzles
  • Detailed rules with examples


To make a series of varying size rectangles - known as 'PENTA' - using four or more pentominoes on the adjustable board. The bigger the PENTA the harder it gets!


Starting Off

Position the divider vertically in slot '4' on the board to make a 4x5 rectangle (or PENTA). Choose your first 4 pentominoes by using the first row [A] on the 'Grand Chelem' combination list and fit them into the PENTA. Now, move the divider up one notch to '5' and take the next pentomino to try to make the bigger PENTA. How far can you get?

More possibilities

Try all the different combinations [A to L] of the 'Grand Chelem' or take on the harder combinations of the 'Super Chelem' and 'Challenge' lists. Make numerous colourful two dimensional animal or geometric shapes.

The game for 2, 3 or 4 players

Each player takes a pentomino and places it on the chessboard. The winner is the last player to be able to place a piece. It looks simple but is remarkably engrossing! Four players can play as partners giving an added tactical twist. Can you block your opponents while leaving a move for your partner?

Why is Katamino so good?

Katamino is suited to all ages but particularly allows children to acquire their first notions of solid geometry and to develop their observation and logical powers while enjoying themselves. Katamino has multiple combinations, is naturally differentiated for all levels of ability and the colourful components make a fun, attractive and enduring patience game for all ages.

With more than 250,000 copies sold to across Europe, Katamino has become a classic among teachers, kids and puzzlefans alike.

Read much more about the rules...

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Katamino is marketed in the UK by Coiledspring © 2005.
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